Are you working in the field of public works? Do you find yourself contemplating your next career opportunity? Are you looking professional guidance and feedback relating to your career?

Are you a senior-level manager in the public or private sector with 15 or more years of experience and you would like to give back to the profession?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Southern California Chapter APWA Mentorship Program is for you! Through this program, experienced professionals will have the opportunity to give confidential guidance and feedback to the next senior level managers in the field of public works.

Goals of the Program:

  • To provide participants with the opportunity to better understand the critical aspects of public works, operations, and administration from leaders in the field in a mentorship setting.
  • To transfer knowledge, skills, culture, and best practices amongst professionals in APWA.
  • To provide a learning and growth oriented environment for both the Mentor and the Mentee.


The program is application based and is open to any APWA member who would like to be either a Mentor or a Mentee. No additional fee is required.

Prospective Mentors should have a minimum of fifteen years working in a related field.


  • The Mentorship Program duration is one year.
  • Participants must meet or communicate periodically, preferably at least once a month.
  • Mentees must attend one APWA event during program.
  • All participants must be members of APWA.

The Mentor will serve as a coach and guide for the Mentee and must be committed to providing professional feedback, information sharing, support, connection, discussion, and guidance, assisting the Mentee towards a successful and fulfilling career. The program is intended to be a tool the Mentee utilizes in working towards career success. The Mentor should work with the Mentee to stimulate professional development and growth.

Application Forms and Matching of Mentees with Mentors

APWA members who wish to be Mentors/Mentees are required to complete and submit an application and provide information about their experience (resume), interests, and expectations for the mentorship relationship. Mentees will be matched based on their experience, interests, and expectations for the mentorship. Mentors and Mentees are matched based upon the shared goals and with consideration of geographical area.



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